Environment & Research

Environmental Protection

We strive to protect the environment by addressing issues associated with our operations. Here we will take you through just a few of the ways in which we work to respect and protect the environment.

We use Silt Traps with vetiver grass to protect soil erosion and siltation to the water ways.


Forest Management

The wood from well managed forest is a renewable resource that will meet society’s economic, social and cultural needs without compromising the environment.
This document is intended to provide Fiji Pine Limited’s stakeholders with an overview of how we
manage our forests and operations taking into account environmental, economic, social and cultural factors. Click below for more information:

Forest Management Public Summary 2022



High Conservation Value Forest

HCVF’s are identified and protected from our operations. We conserve areas with high importance of social and environmental reasons. Here’s some examples of HCVF’s:

  • Water Catchments
  • Old Village Sites
  • Grave Sites
  • Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species
  • Native Forest 
  • High altitude areas contribute to 5% forest conservation

Environment & Climate

  • Bird nests have been found in our operational Forests (PU018), so the trees and a 5m buffer zone were maintained, the trees were not extracted and the site was preserved to avoid fragmentation.
  • We operate in an environment where other stakeholders derive a source of living within our leased areas hence our role is to provide and protect their livelihoods while maintaining our core business functions.
  • Use of oil spill kits, as well as prevention measures, are employed to help mitigate spills in the forest.

Extended Risk Assessment: