Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility 

One of the key objectives of Fiji Pine Group is to ensure that it carries out its social responsibilities. Being a majority Government owned entity; Fiji Pine Limited ensures that there is no compromise to the social responsibility aspect of the industry. Below are some of the ways FPL contributes in this area:

  1. Providing jobs to the key stakeholders of the industry who are the pine landowners. The jobs are both in the processing factory as well as contracts for forest operations which include logging, cartage, silviculture, forest restocking, firefighting, awareness programs, etc. Fiji Pine Group provides a vehicle for direct participation of over 25,000 rural Itaukei Landowners;
  2. Generating economic activity to remote areas. Through this the landowners who are based in remote areas get access to facilities such as proper road access, schools, water supply, electricity, etc. Fiji Pine Limited has carried out many;
  3. Landowner development concentrated on training and improvement of business skills to capitalize on opportunities offered through Fiji Pine Group operations.
Fiji Pine helping the community

Working with our communities

Fiji Pine Group contributes 2.5% levies towards community development projects which are channeled through the Forest Base Trusts in its 6 forest areas – Lololo, Nadi, Nabou, Ra, Bua & Macuata.

Levies paid for the last 3 years are as follows:

  • 2018 – $409,241.01
  • 2017 – $223,576.04
  • 2016 – $233,355.59